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5th Light Horse Museum - Gympie



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5th Light Horse Museum


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Museum Curator
PO 928 Gympie
Queensland 4570

Gympie and District Historical Society,
Lake Alford, Gympie

   The Gympie Light Horse and Military Museum came into being as a consequence of inspired vision by a group of Light Horse enthusiasts conscious of the need for the Australian Light Horsemen's exploits in WWI being preserved and honoured for future generations to apprecite.It needed to be done with due consideration for accuracy and detail and available on a daily basis for access by people seeking information. It is an important reference for school children seeking the opportunity to discover a very important part of our history and heritage.

  The horse in war has long since been obsolete leaving many with very little of no conception of how and where the Light Horse served, and ignorant of the many deeds of sacrifice ,courage and bravery they performed in the service of their country.

  The Gympie Museum has emerged since its founding in 1991 to be one of the leading institutions to display the weaponry and uniforms used by the Light Horse. The Museum contains extensive photographic records of individuals who served with the 5th Light Horse Regiment together with display of service medals from ex serving member of the Regiment . The museum also contains a valuable collection of memorabilia. The library contains an extensive collection of books which are available for research.

  A model depicting the uniform of a trooper who was part of the Queensland Defence Force mobilised in 1891 to maintain law and order during the shearers strike is on display. It was during this period that a trooper displayed an emu plume on the slouch hat and started a tradition which is followed by Light Horse Units to this day.

   There is an extensive collection of weapons used by allied forces and also captured from the axis forces. A prize collectors item is the "Hotchkiss" machine gun used by all Light horse Regiments.

   There is a record of service of the HMAS Gympie housing its battle flag ,and ships bell together with photographs of the ship in action.

  Work on the Museum is ongoing resulting in many new displays being added on a regular basis. The museum is totally dependant on benefactors and a voluntary workforce.The members efforts are no more than a desire to preserve for posterity the history of the Light Horse for future generations.
   (All weapons rendered inoperable in accordance with Queensland State Law)


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